Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kiss Magazine!

Hey Ladies!,

Working on KISS ,i spend much of my dazy keeping an eye on celebrities what they're wearing,where they're going and who they're dating.Some,I see changing outfits 10 times a day to keep the paps interested i mean paris HILTON.

Take over Selena gomez an amazing role model who is also stunning (hope miley does not get jealous!) She is one of the hardest working 16 year olds.She shows up on the red carpet to promote her new movie or to support her best friend Demi Lovato.

So i think it is time to get the good girls look in,dont you?.Look at the girls who spend their time wisley being a role model not the ones who seak the spotlight all for them selves!.

There is no rule that says a role model has to be famous,Sometimes you have to look a little closer to home.

See ya Soon.


Interview with Audrina !

Hi audrina.Did you ever thing the hills would become so big nation wide?

No,it's surreal.I'll be at the airport and meet fans from Brazil,Ireland and everywhere!.

Why do you think people love it so much?

I feel Like it became huge because everybody is so interested in Hollywood.I would watch it if i wasn't in it (laughs).

What can we expect from the new series of the hills?

Well,Each season we all go on a vacation and this season we go to Hawaii.There are new romances that envolve,and with friendships,things are kinda put to an end.

What do you get up to in season five?

Well as far as me and justin go we will find out.

Well Audrina thankyou for this short interview,But before you go give us one secret about the new season?

One secret.Okay,Brody and I may or not may be together.


Taylor Daniel Lautner

taylor daniel lautner was born in february 11th 1992 in grand rapids,michagan.he has quite a mixed heritage and is part french,dutch german and native amarican WOW

Taylors whole family moved to los angeles when he was ten to start his acting career,his first brake was when he featured in The adventures of Shark Boy and Lava girl in the big 3d.

Rumour has it that taylor is dating the lovely Selena Gomez .They have been on several dinner dates but taylor recently confirmed he is Single.


So Sorry can not upload any photos due to problems with my computer! we are also looking for more staff so leave an application form here or either on my stardoll page pollylishamolly! thanks for reading are short issue of kiss,

Until Next Time!.

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